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Each 3D rendering product needs the care, meticulousness and experience of the rendering artist from understanding design ideas step to the last step of the rendering process. The realistic 3D rendering proves both the great design and the artist’s skill. This article will show you great 3D rendering products of a furniture showroom – Kenli Showroom.

The deep understanding about showroom’s design of K-Render Studio

To be able to create photorealistic architectural rendering products in accordance with customer requirements, K-Render has gone through the process of exchanging information with customers to best understand the design as well as the requirements given.

  • The design company – client of K-Render Studio has divided the space reasonably so that the interior products are displayed in a reasonable way.
  • Each small area is a place to display different types of furniture. These areas need to highlight the interior products but at the same time have harmony.
3D rendering image of kitchen area in Kenli Showroom
  • The light element needs to be focused so that the viewer can see the beauty of the interior being focused and exalted.
  • Furniture products should be depicted as accurately as possible based on reality.

Factors that helped to create realistic 3D rendering products of Kenli Showroom

Kenli Showroom’s 3D rendering products have met the requirements and wishes of customers thanks to the professionalism of the K-Render Studio team and the following factors:


The modeling step is an important base for the next steps of the rendering process to be done quickly and efficiently. The furniture displayed in the Kenli Showroom is of near-perfect ratios. Therefore, the rendering artists need to carefully study this ratio for rendering.

The light concentrates on high-end furniture

Based on the information about the furniture provided, K-Render’s animators made accurate renderings of furniture ratio.


In 3D rendering products, light is a factor that has a great influence on the quality of the product as well as the viewer’s perception. K-Render Studio has handled the light very well to clearly show the design and highlight the interior products.

Yellow light is used in the space of the Kenli showroom. Rendering artists arrange many different types of lights according to each interior product display area. Each type of lamp has different lighting characteristics. This light makes the showroom space warmer to viewers.


For interior products to stand out and be realistic in 3D renderings, materials are a decisive factor. K-Render Studio’s artists have carefully studied the materials of the furniture, understanding the properties of the materials to incorporate them into the rendered product.

Our client’s feedback of Kenli Showroom 3D rendering products

The design company was extremely satisfied with the quality of K-Render 3D rendering products. Besides, the working style of our 3D rendering studio is also very professional. This cooperation will be the beginning of a long-term cooperation relationship between the two sides in the future.
If you want to have quality render products for yourself, please contact K-Render for the most dedicated support.

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