Founder of K-Agriculture is one of the most successful pioneers in the Vietnamese agricultural startup business.

Brief introduction about founder of K-Agriculture

K-Agriculture was founded in 1996 by Mr. Daniel Trong Quy. Mr. Daniel Trong Quy is one of the successful startup founders in Vietnam in the field of import and export.

Currently, Mr.Daniel is the owner of K-Global corporation and also founder of K-Agriculture which is successful in B2B business in many different fields such as agriculture, transportation, rendering, beauty, etc. In which, outstanding projects are:

  • VNGate (The Platform B2B From Vietnam to the world) supported by (VIETRADE – Ministry of Industry and Trade)
  • K-Hair | 5S Hair (Top Google and all Social network for Hair Vietnam Industry)
  • K-Render (The studio which exports the non-physical products from Vietnam, “Vietnamese brains to USD”
  • K-Agriculture (Platform for Agricultural Companies from Vietnam)
  • US and Thailand (AELS) Platform B2C for SMEs from Vietnam


Achievements of the founder of K-Agriculture

As a typical example in the B2B industry, founder of K-Agriculture, Mr. Daniel Trong Quy has achieved many successes in both career and life.

Achievements in career

Founder of K-Agriculture has been on television many times to share his career successes. In addition, Mr. Daniel Trong Quy also published many famous business books such as “B2B Handbook”, “Vietnam Rice Export Process”.

Achievements in life

Mr. Daniel Trong Quy – founder of K-Agriculture is a successful startup because he has a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Daniel Trong Quy also shared about how to manage his time to manage many different companies at the same time.


The founder of K-Agriculture with ambition in Vietnam’s agriculture industry

After returning from studying abroad, Mr. Daniel Trong Quy – founder of K-Agriculture pursued the dream of establishing an import-export company in the field of agricultural products. So, K-Agriculture was born due to this reason. K-Agriculture is empowered by the Vietnamese government with the mission of bringing the highest quality Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market.

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K-Agriculture now provides many agricultural products such as high-quality Vietnamese rice, coffee, pepper, cinnamon, anise, cashew, etc. with reasonable prices to the American, European, Japanese market. With the principle of “Quality is King”, the founder of K-Agriculture ensures product quality, service quality, and long-term cooperation.

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In the future, the founder of K-Agriculture affirms that he wants to make K-Agriculture the Top 10 Agriculture Company in Southeast Asia and Top 100 Agricultural Expert in the world, especially for RICE – COFFEE – CASHEW – SPICES from Vietnam.

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