Rice plays an important role in Vietnam’s economy because it brings an enormous revenue every year. Rice manufacturers in Vietnam are working hard to provide the best rice products for both domestic and global customers.

An overview of rice manufacturers in Vietnam

There are several factors that buyers should be aware of in order to work effectively with rice manufacturers in Vietnam.

Main products of rice manufacturers in Vietnam

Rice manufacturers in Vietnam are supplying a variety of rice products to meet the needs of an enormous number of customers.

  • High-value specialty rice: ST lines are now the most popular on the market, establishing a separate rice line. This variety of rice is distinguished by its scent and nutrients. China is the largest market.
  • Fragrant rice: Jasmine, DT8, OM18, OM 4900, and OM5451 are all popular long grain fragrant rice varieties. China, Africa, and the Philippines are the main markets.
  • OM2517, OM6976, and OM504 are the non-sticky short grain rice varieties (usually used as rice starch)
  • Japonica rice refers to a vast collection of rice varieties that originated in Japan. In the late 2000s, this rice variety was introduced in Vietnam.
  • Sticky rice: High-quality glutinous rice is often found in the north. The majority of it is consumed in China.
White rice product

Main locations of rice manufacturers in Vietnam

Many rice manufacturers in Vietnam can be found in the Mekong Delta and the Red River Delta.

  • The Red River Delta is the world’s oldest rice-growing region, with a wide range of tasty and high-quality rice types. The majority of the rice produced in the Red River Delta is consumed in the United States, with only a tiny amount shipped to China. Rice manufacturers in Vietnam mostly set up outlets there to produce rice in a more convenient manner. Sticky rice and DT52 rice are the most popular goods in this area.
  • The Mekong Delta is the agricultural products producing area, accounting for around 90% of Vietnam’s rice exports. Popular varieties of rice, such as best quality Vietnamese jasmine rice, Japonica rice, and long-grained rice, are distributed by rice manufacturers in Vietnam in the Mekong Delta.

Main factors affecting the growth of rice manufacturers in Vietnam

It is difficult to acquire traction in the rice industry since it is very competitive and continuously changing. The development of rice manufacturers in Vietnam is subject to the following factors.

Rice production

Figures for 2020 show an increase in rice output volume. In terms of productivity in the southern sections, the winter-spring crop increased by 0.16 tons/ha over the previous year’s amount. The summer production was significantly lower this year, at 96.8% of the same yield in 2019. In general, the output is consistent and accounts for a significant portion of the total in the field. This helps rice manufacturers in Vietnam ensure supply and have adequate stock on hand to export in bulk.


Sea freight and logistics expenses fluctuate in response to unpredictably changing epidemic conditions, causing delays in clearance, port congestion, and other issues. The price given by rice manufacturers in Vietnam in June reached 493 USD/ton at the start of the month and remained there throughout the month. As a result, rice manufacturers in Vietnam strive to strike a balance between price and quality.


Rice manufacturers in Vietnam benefit from government policy and local tactics. Markets that have reached agreements with Vietnam, such as the United Kingdom and the European Union, or newly signed FTAs like the CPTPP, EVFTA, and RCEP, are helping to popularize our rice. In the following decade, the rice trade of rice manufacturers in Vietnam is expected to grow by 2.6% a year, or 16 million tons, to reach 62 million tons in 2030.

List of best rice manufacturers in Vietnam

In this sector, the leading rice factories in Vietnam below have a large output and distribution.


ORICO was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between Vietnam Northern Food Corporation and Louis Dreyfus Company, with the goal of direct rice production and exportation to the global market. Philippines, Malaysia, China, and other countries are among the top export destinations. Vietnam Long Grain White Rice and Vietnamese Japonica Rice are their primary products.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture was founded in 1996 with the goal of bringing Vietnamese agricultural goods to the international market. This exporter now offers 9 different types of rice, including Jasmine Rice, ST25 rice, etc. With contemporary technology and a 21500-ton storage capacity, K-Agriculture has shipped to nearly 80 countries across the world. This supplier seeks to fulfill the tough demands of varied customers with high-quality products at a fair price.

To get a free consultation, feel free to contact us via: 

WhatsApp: +84855555694

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: k-agriculture.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kagriculture-company/


Gia International corporation

Gia International Corporation was founded in 2008 and has grown to become one of the top firms in rice production and export after more than ten years of development. The estimated annual export volume is about 300.000 tons. Our goods are exported to and consumed in over 30 nations and areas worldwide.

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