ST25 rice is created by Mr. Ho Quang Cua. “ST” stands for Soc Trang province – a major rice-growing area in the Mekong Delta.

ST25 rice’s characteristics

ST25 rice belongs to long grain fragrant rice, having a bright white color. ST25 rice has a nice aroma and a pineapple-like flavor. When cooked, ST25 rice absorbs less water than other rice varieties but its texture remains tender.

Besides its nice flavor, ST25 rice contains a rich source of nutrients such as 10% of protein, which makes the rice best used for the elderly and children. Here are the nutrients of ST25 rice.

Ca 53.3 mg/kg
Fe 3.53 mg/kg
K 534 mg/kg
Mg 89.9 mg/kg
Zn 13.8 mg/kg
Anthocyanin 87.1 mg/kg
Dietary Fiber 1.8%
Glucide 79.5%
Lipid 0.75%
Calories 353 kcal/100g
Protide 6.87 g/100g


ST25 rice and its recognition

ST25 rice has got many prizes nationwide and internationally, becoming the pride of Vietnamese wholesale rice suppliers.

  • First prize at the World’s Best Rice in 2019

Surpassing many competitors from Thailand, Cambodia, and America, ST25 rice won the first prize at the World’s Best Rice in 2019 in the Philippines.

  • Second prize at the World’s Best Rice in 2020

After one year, at the World’s Best Rice in 2020, ST25 rice from Vietnam impressed examiners again to win the second prize.

  • First prize at Vietnam’s Best Rice in 2020

ST25 rice is considered the best rice at Vietnam’s Best Rice organized by the Department of Crop Production in 2020

On the market today, ST25 rice has prices ranging from 150,000 to 190,000 VND/bag of 5kg. Although the price is higher than other delicious rice on the market when it is about 30,000 VND/kg, this is a very reasonable price for a clean, safe, and top quality rice in the world.


Reasons for ST25 rice’s global recognition

Born in Soc Trang and grown by people here on saline soil or rotated with rice-shrimp fields. ST25 is the continuation of ST24 and is the convergence of the “quintessence” of other aromatic rice varieties. Not only is it a high-yielding rice variety, but it is also a rice variety with extremely high “tolerant” ability to saline soils.

They are cared for and “nurturing” from seed sowing to harvesting and consumption. ST25 is grown by organic methods, absolutely without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or any pesticides.


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