Surely everyone is curious about the appearance of one of the best 3D rendering studios today – one of the prestigious partners of architectural design firms in the world. So let’s talk about the founders who founded K-Render Studio. Besides, check out some nice projects of this 3D rendering studio.

The story about 2 founders of our 3D rendering studio

Mr. Daniel is usually upbeat, energetic, and full of ambition. He was born during the country’s restoration stage, and he dreamt of becoming an architect to serve the country since he was a child. He received a scholarship to study architecture at San Antonio, Texas, USA, as a result of his outstanding academic achievement.

He participates in a variety of professional activities while he is here. He met Daniel, a fellow countryman, during an architecture conference. They talked extensively about their jobs and realized that they had a passion for design and visualization. They were all interested in 3D rendering studios which almost architectural companies in America had cooperated with.

Daniel returned to Vietnam in 2009 to begin his career as an architect. Ryan returned to his native country in 2010, and his work as an architect was well received by clients. During the course of his work, he learned that architects, not just in Vietnam, are likely to be unable to convey their design concepts, necessitating the architectural rendering services for which he is well-known in the United States.

In 2012, after 2 years of Ryan’s return to the country, he met Daniel again and shared the desire to build a 3D rendering studio with both architectural rendering services and architectural design services. With the positive client connections that the two had built while working together, they decided to start their own company, K-Render, a 3D rendering studio that provides many types of architectural renderings services, with the goal of being the most practical option for architecture companies and investors.

The appearance of K-Render Studio – The Best 3D Rendering Studio
  • Vision: Mr Ryan and his partner, Mr Daniel, had high aspirations for K-Render Studio. They could see the future of our 3D rendering studio. After two years of operating in the Vietnamese market, K-Render expanded to the international market. With the best architectural rendering services which includes 3D interior rendering, 3D exterior rendering,.. K-Render, the top 3D rendering studio, will be a fantastic partner for architecture firms, real estate companies, and also investors.
  • Mission: K-Render is a 3D rendering studio whose mission is to use architectural rendering services to assist transform architects’ ideas into genuine representations. This is a way to boost the worth of architecture businesses.
    K-Render’s slogan is “To listen, to understand, and to accompany and our 3D rendering studio is the greatest option for the development of our beloved clients.

K-Render Studio – It’s not simply rendering, it’s the vision for life.

The services of our 3D rendering studio

Our 3D rendering studio provides all architectural rendering services such as: interior rendering, 3D exterior rendering, aerial rendering and architectural rendering services. Our service is always appreciated, ensuring customer requirements, products are edited until customers are satisfied in each stage.

The competitive price that our 3D rendering studio offers

Our 3D rendering studio always tries to bring the best price to customers.

  • Currently, K-Render has a super good price promotion program, only from $9.9/ sqm or calculating the view depending on the project.
  • Contact us to receive early offers:
    Hotline/ Whatsapp: Mr Ryan – CEO of K-Render Studio: (+84)855555961

Some projects of K-Render Studio – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

Our 3D rendering studio has many different projects that receive good feedback from customers, from architectural design to interior rendering, 3D exterior rendering, product rendering services.

  • The best 3D interior rendering

One of our 3D rendering studio’s most famous interior rendering projects is the New Kenli Project. This is the third time Kenli has collaborated with K-Render. That is enough to show the prestige and quality of our 3D rendering studio

New Kenli Project – One of the best 3D interior rendering of K-Render
  • The best 3D exterior rendering

The 3D exterior rendering project that our 3D rendering studio is most interested in is the Ville Di Lusso project. To demonstrate the capabilities of our 3D rendering studio, we can show you some images below

Ville Di Lusso project – One of the most beautiful 3D exterior rendering

These are projects taken from the K-Render website. To see more of our projects and services, you can refer to our website

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