“Mr. David’s House” is the name of the project we’d like to highlight. We always put the client’s ideas first while working on design projects for their own houses. Following that, we will make recommendations to you so that the job can be completed to the satisfaction of the clients and to the highest aesthetic standards.

Overview of the project.

We addressed the major color tone they intended to make in Mr. David’s house project- one of best 3D house renderings  with the company after capturing the concept.

A contemporary house in real life
  • The house’s concept is clearly depicted in the design we received. The design is pretty intricate, but it isn’t quite complete.
  • Many details must be well represented, yet the smaller the details, the more difficult they are to visualize and render.
  • As a result, we’ll work with the organization to find solutions to those issues. After both sides have agreed, the rendering artists will begin work on the rendering right away.

How K-Render undertook this project.

During the rendering process, we must consider the following factors. We’ll concentrate on this project specifically here.

Space factor

In the 3D rendering process, space is the most critical aspect. Because space encompasses the full scene of the house, the user is most aware of it while viewing the finished design. As a result, rendering artists must concentrate on how to render Sketchup.

A contemporary house
  • The provided design will aid rendering artists in seeing the complete room’s space. Draw a thorough and realistic depiction from there.
  • The amount of space available in the render is also essential. The painters will employ the color palette to create bright areas for the products and utensils in the house if the customer desires an open space. Those that are near the windows and doors, in particular.
  • Furthermore, the color scheme chosen for the home has a significant impact on the overall atmosphere. Bedrooms should be rendered in white, whereas bigger rooms should be rendered in dark colors. Nonetheless, they must adhere to the color scheme principle. The wall color or the primary color must match.

Lighting factor

How can I make natural light look as real as possible?

With the experience of K-render team in Kenli Showroom Project, the visualization artists, must always answer this question. Visualization technology and color palettes will be used by rendering artists to ensure that the room has enough natural light to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Materials factor

Metals such as chrome, nickel, and steel are commonly employed in contemporary design. These materials in Mr. David’s house project will make the entire space’s surface more gleaming.

A contemporary house

Furthermore, we have been asked to make all of the furnishings out of natural wood or brick. Wood grain will appear on furniture constructed of wood. The painters employed light brown colors and natural as well as artificial light throughout the area to be able to draw the most similar furniture.

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