According to FAOSTAT, Vietnam is one of the world’s largest cinnamon producers, with a total output of 31,429 tonnes in 2020. Then it’s simple to see why overseas consumers are so interested in Vietnamese cinnamon. Where can I locate reliable Vietnam cinnamon suppliers? Find the answers in the article below. 

Top 3 trustworthy Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

This section will provide recommendations about trustworthy Vietnam cinnamon suppliers you should not ignore.


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K-Agriculture Factory

If you’re seeking Vietnam cinnamon suppliers , K-Agriculture Factory is the finest option. K-Agriculture has a good reputation in the Vietnamese cinnamon industry, thanks to its 20-year expertise and the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s strong backing. K-Agriculture also possesses a sophisticated facility and a number of notable certifications, including USDA Organic, Global GAP, FDA, UEBT and others.


Phone: +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)

Official website:




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Vsimex, a subsidiary of the NIC Group, was created in 2002 and is one of the top cinnamon suppliers in Vietnam. Vsimex is accredited by international standard standards and has a global reach of 70 countries. This cinnamon provider is dependable and makes a considerable contribution to Vietnam’s trade volume. Aside from that, because of its extensive manufacturing line, which is situated adjacent to raw cinnamon sources, this company can offer a diverse range of cinnamon products.


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Hafimex is a trusted Vietnam cinnamon supplier and manufacturer of foods and seasonings. The  Hanfimex’s vision and core values are “For A Healthy Food Chain.” Hanfimex developed their cinnamon production in the raw-materials area of Yen Bai, Vietnam’s cinnamon hub, over 500 hectares. This firm piled up dozens of fresh amazing triumphs in the area of cinnamon trading between 2013 and 2020.

Vietnam cinnamon suppliers: The main distribution

The main topic of this part is about the major distribution of Vietnamese cinnamon and the reason behind that. 

1.The main distribution of cinnamon in Vietnam

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The main distribution of cinnamon in Vietnam

Because of the benefits of huge cinnamon cultivating sizes up to 50 000 ha and the priority of climate, Yen Bai, the province in Vietnam, is the center of cinnamon in this country.  Quang Ninh, Tuyen Quang, Quang Nam, and other areas in Vietnam also supply a significant amount of cinnamon. If you’re looking for Vietnam cinnamon suppliers, start with these locations.

2.The reasons behind the main distribution of Vietnamese cinnamon

  • Climate: Nearly all of Vietnam’s domestic distribution is characterized by a warm tropical zone with warm altitudes and heavy rainfall. These are the best weather conditions for cultivating cinnamon.
  • Geography: Cinnamon is mostly planted in these countries’ highlands and coastal regions. Cinnamon grows at a height of around 1,000 meters, therefore highland areas like Yen Bai are ideal for growing it. Coastal places like Quang Ninh, on the other hand, make it easier to distribute cinnamon. These are excellent areas to look for reliable Vietnam cinnamon suppliers.

Ideal places to find Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

Here are the ideal places to find Vietnam cinnamon suppliers you can take into your list. 

1.Attend a trade show/exhibition for agricultural products

An agricultural trade show/exhibition is a venue where a variety of targets, including Vietnam cinnamon suppliers, come together to showcase their products .You can look for AgroViet in Vietnam.

2.Looking via intermediary firms

Looking through intermediary companies is one of the greatest methods to identify reliable Vietnam cinnamon suppliers. You may leverage your past connection to increase your chances of finding many famous cinnamon suppliers.

3.Reach the Embassy

The best approach to identify potential Vietnam cinnamon suppliers is to look for the Embassy. Because the Embassy plays a vital role in diplomacy , they can supply a wealth of knowledge on any sector you are interested in, let alone the cinnamon business.

4.Use the Internet

You may utilize the Internet to locate suitable Vietnam cinnamon suppliers, conduct extensive research, and shop around before deciding on your own priorities and comparisons. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and other social media sites are the greatest places to look for cinnamon suppliers on the Internet.

To recap, this article has provided locations to find reliable Vietnam cinnamon suppliers. Hopefully, this article satisfies your expectations.

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