Pepper has long been one of the most important spices on a daily basis. Pepper powder is a relatively new type of pepper that has recently gained popularity. This page will provide you a general overview of pepper powder and ways to identify and store quality pepper powder.

Pepper powder


What is pepper powder?


Black and white pepper are used to make pepper powder, and each type has a different flavor. Pepper powder is made by collecting peppercorns and crushing them gently using rollers. Pepper powder, like other powdered spices, saves time when preparing ingredients for recipes because of its rapid and equal absorption.


The quality pepper powder


Pepper powder is a seasoning ingredient in dishes, contributing to making dishes more attractive and delicious. Quality pepper powder is a type of pepper powder that has met the standards according to Vietnam’s pepper standards. With each type of pepper powder, there will be different standards such as processing method, taste or dry, classification, etc. When choosing these types of pepper powder, you will have to worry about whether the processing method is guaranteed, the quality as well as the aroma and taste that this standard powder brings is good or not.


How to identify quality pepper powder


There are 3 popular types of pepper powder: black pepper, skullcap, and red pepper (also known as red pepper). 

  • With black pepper powder, quality pepper powder is the color of black pepper powder, when it smells fragrant, slightly pungent to the nose. 
  • Skull pepper powder is usually yellowish in color, the taste is mainly spicy, not much aromatic. 
  • Red pepper (or red pepper) is the best quality pepper powder, red pepper powder has a red color, different from other peppers. When sniffing, even a very small amount, a characteristic aroma rises to the nose. Among all types of pepper, red pepper powder is the most delicious and of the highest quality.


Ways to make quality pepper powder


People often choose to buy peppers that are still whole, dry, or lightly roasted and then pureed to use gradually. This method not only helps to ensure food safety and hygiene as well as deliciousness, but it is also very good for health. But this method is quite inconvenient. Therefore, buying ready-made pepper powder is always the first choice of many people. It’s fast and saves time and effort at the same time. However, because of the ready-made purchase, sometimes, there are products of pepper powder that are not of good quality.


Reliable places to buy quality pepper powder


Reliable pepper powder suppliers which you can buy all around the world


Olam Food Ingredients


OFI is noted for its raw materials and ingredient platforms, which include cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices. With thorough involvement at every stage of the pepper supply chain, quality, traceability, and risk can all be better managed.




K-Agriculture is one of the largest agricultural companies in the world, distributing wholesale pepper to over 100 nations. “Quality is King,” the company’s motto, and it ensures product quality under all conditions.


For more information, contact us :



Whatsapp: +84 855555837


 Baria pepper


Baria pepper was established in 1985 with the purpose of exploiting its comprehensive knowledge of both the product and the local market to reach out to more customers both domestically and internationally. Baria pepper has been exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and other Asian nations. Due to its strong relationships with local farmers, the Baria pepper has a great advantage in managing the quality and pricing of the pepper.

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