Talking about pepper ground in general, there are many different types, but in the end, it is still a pepper seasoning, harvested from the pepper plant. In this article, we will learn in detail the information about the properties and value of a very popular and familiar pepper powder, that is white pepper ground.


White pepper ground: Origin, harvesting process, and characteristics


White pepper ground is used for different applications including medical and culinary uses.

White pepper


Pepper is a long, climbing herb with small flowers and fruit in clusters. The stem has a stalk, the leaf is long, shaped like a betel leaf, and the fruit usually grows in the form of a large bunch, each cluster has many spherical, round fruits with an average of 20 fruits per bunch. 

Harvesting process

In the process after harvesting the fruit, we will take the fruit only when the fruit is ripe and old, peel off the skin by soaking in water and then use friction to rub the body for the peel to separate, keep the white inner core. Next, let the seed cores dry in the sun or proceed to dry, and to have white pepper powder, the last step will be to grind the seeds into powder form. In fact, white pepper also has two types, which are yellow-fleshed and gray-fleshed.


This type of pepper has an ivory-white, slightly gray color, the skin is not too wrinkled, but it does not have a strong aroma like other peppers, although its taste is somewhat spicier. White pepper ground is widely used in the culinary world and contributes to dishes such as soups, soups, etc., mainly popular with dishes with Asian flavors.


White pepper ground and outstanding benefits


With white pepper ground, it is not only valued as an extremely popular spice but also known for its nutritional value, as a form of herbal medicine good for human health.

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  • Improve the health of teeth, jaw, gums: Just by dissolving an amount of white pepper ground, with the same amount of powdered salt in a little water to rinse your mouth thoroughly, will improve the condition of bad breath and even inflammation and bleeding in the gums.
  • Treatment of arthritis: Piperine is one of the important factors to help treat and relieve pain from arthritis symptoms caused by overactivity, affecting joints. In addition, the nutrients in white pepper ground also increase blood circulation, limiting poor blood circulation.
  • Enhance the digestive system:  White pepper ground also has the ability to stimulate the taste buds of the tongue because of the pungent taste, thereby supporting the digestive system to work better. In white pepper ground, also contains a lot of hydrochloric acids, which indirectly helps to treat constipation, flatulence, indigestion, and antibacterial in the intestinal tract.
  • Stimulate appetite: In white pepper ground, its nutrients create a characteristic mild spicy taste, and because of this, it has contributed to stimulating the sense of smell, when you taste a little you will quickly get the feeling. appetite.
  • Promote the ability to absorb nutrients: White pepper ground contains piperine, and also contains substances such as vitamins A, C, beta-carotene, etc. These nutrients will stimulate the rapid action of the chain of amino acids in the intestinal wall, limiting the enzymes and helping the body metabolize other nutrients better.


  • Lose weight: Although white pepper ground creates a feeling of stimulating appetite for you, for certain benefits, the black skin of pepper will provide many nutrients that absolutely support weight loss when they form. Breaks down the cell chain of fat-burning factors make the process of burning calories faster, helps you to lose weight effectively.

Although this is just a familiar spice, it actually has many nutritional values inside. Using white pepper ground will make the dish more flavorful, and also bring many benefits to your health and taste buds.



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