In 2020/21, global Robusta coffee production amounted to about 73.72 million 60 kilogram bags. They are a coffee product with high demand that brings great revenue for importers. Today, let’s find out more about Robusta coffee beans wholesale.

Robusta coffee beans wholesale: Everything you need to know

The prolonged pandemic has caused the delay of the world economy including the Robusta coffee beans wholesale industry. It is still stuck in the 4-year crisis and also has difficulties in exporting. However, as the economy starts to strive back to its past position, 2022 promises to be a better year for the Robusta coffee beans wholesale market.

Robusta green coffee beans

World Robusta coffee beans wholesale production and export

The world’s Robusta coffee beans wholesale production in MY 2019/20 was 4.62 MT, up 10.5 percent from MY 2018/19. Robusta coffee-producing countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Uganda contribute the most to this index.

Robusta coffee exports fell 1.4 percent to 2.92 million MT, the smallest drop in the last two decades. Green Robusta exports declined 1.6 percent to 2.56 million MT in MY 2019/20, owing mostly to a drop in exports from Vietnam, which accounted for 56% of total green Robusta exports.

Robusta coffee beans wholesale price

After three consecutive MYs of decline, the world Robusta coffee beans wholesale price increased by 33% in 2020/21, from 1,874 USD/MT to 1,653.4 USD/MT. Due to severe weather conditions and high transportation expenses, the wholesale price of Robusta coffee beans has risen significantly in MY202/21. Furthermore, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic’s inadequacies, the cost of most commodities, such as gasoline, oil, electricity, and so on, had risen, with coffee being no exception.

Robusta coffee beans wholesale price

The specific price of Robusta coffee beans wholesale depends on the country that you choose to buy them. Vietnam has great advantages in the Robusta coffee price. They aren’t just providing high quality Vietnamese Robusta coffee but the price is much more affordable compared to other countries like Brazil. Indonesia is also a country that possesses a competitive Robusta price.

Factors that affect the Robusta coffee beans wholesale price

Here are the factors that can affect the Robusta coffee beans wholesale:

  • Weather conditions: Weather-related supply interruptions, such as drought, pests, or coffee leaf rust disease, can have a significant impact on the global coffee supply chain and pricing due to the high concentration of production.
  • Situations in the social and economic spheres: Due to the restriction of exporting and importing in some high cases covid-19 countries, the Robusta coffee beans wholesale price become more expensive.
  • Speculation and coffee hoarding: Low wholesale stockpiles of Robusta coffee beans, like all commodities, reflect neither a high market demand nor an insufficient supply. Low supplies can represent a risk to the market when the future supply of coffee is disrupted.

These factors can have a huge impact on the Robusta coffee beans wholesale price. Therefore, it is important that we look out for what can happen and how to find a reliable source that can reduce your Robusta coffee beans wholesale prices to as low as possible.

Robusta coffee beans wholesale: Top suppliers

Here is the list of recommended wholesale coffee suppliers that have worked with importers worldwide and gained huge trust and success.

Trung Nguyen Coffee

Trung Nguyen Legend

Trung Nguyên is a Vietnamese company that specializes in coffee production, processing, and distribution. Dang Le Nguyen Vu created the company in 1996 in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak Province, after seeing the potential and chances for the coffee industry’s expansion in opening Vietnam’s economy. The company is famous for its exceptional Robusta coffee beans wholesale in terms of quality and price. They have shipped their premium coffee worldwide and is the most famous coffee producer in Vietnam.



K-Agriculture is established with the aim of becoming one of the best Robusta coffee beans wholesale producers. We are a group of people with the love and passion for delivering truly good and quality coffee to the world. Our coffee production meets the international standard in many aspects including coffee taste, hygiene, food safety, food certificates, etc. We offer jobs for tens of thousands of people in Vietnam. Contact us to know our Robusta coffee beans wholesale price.

3 Corações

3 Corações

3 Coraçes coffee has long been a prominent Robusta coffee beans wholesale brand in Brazil’s north and northeast. The brand provides the appropriate acidity, body, and sweet balance flavor with a variety of roasted and ground bean blends, instant cappuccinos, instant coffees, espressos, and lattes, as well as paper coffee filters. 3 Coraçes produces coffee beans for more than 20 well-known Brazilian coffee firms, as well as premium coffee export items from Brazil.

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