Wholesale coffee companies are always actively innovating to suit customers and meet their most demanding needs.

Overview of wholesale coffee companies

Wholesale coffee companies are wholesale coffee companies, that have the responsibility and mission to bring coffee from one or more countries to sell to retail chains such as supermarkets, trade centers, cafes,…

Types of wholesale coffee companies

There are two main types of wholesale coffee companies listed below.

  • Wholesale coffee production company

Wholesale coffee production companies are often developed from the cooperative model. After they buy coffee from the growing area of farmers or households, it is processed to produce the final product. It can be green coffee beans, roasted coffee, or other finished coffees.

  • Wholesale coffee distribution company

Wholesale coffee distribution companies are trading companies that buy coffee in bulk from factories, processors, and roasters, and supply coffee to retail chains.

Characteristics of wholesale coffee companies

Wholesale coffee companies typically have the following characteristics.

  • There are many relationships in the agricultural industry

Wholesale coffee companies often have many relationships in the industry because every day they have to exchange and trade with many people. Buying and selling are the two main activities of wholesale coffee companies, so they know and cooperate with many people, including sellers and buyers.

  • Professional knowledge of the agricultural industry

To avoid being deceived in the process of buying and selling as an intermediary, wholesale coffee companies need to have professional knowledge in both cultivation, products, quality assessment, understanding customers, understanding market needs.

  • Have a reliable supply

With extensive relationships, wholesale coffee companies often have reliable suppliers. If you have never traded or bought coffee in bulk from factories, you should look to wholesale coffee companies to be introduced to a censored supply.

Characteristics of wholesale coffee companies

Products that wholesale coffee companies supply

Wholesale coffee companies offer many and varied types of coffee. In particular, there are two main types: Arabica and Robusta.

  • Arabica: Arabica accounts for most of the world’s favorites because they are the common ingredients of pure coffee cups like Expresso,… The price of Arabica is also much more expensive than Robusta, usually twice as much. pair. Especially in the 2021/2022 crop, coffee from major coffee-producing countries such as Vietnam or Brazil will also fail, leading to a supply shortage. And by the time of March, when the harvest season ended and entered the preliminary processing stage, almost all processing factories were about to run out of stock. The price of wholesale Arabica coffee beans in this shortage situation is increasing steadily every day.
  • Robusta: Robusta is less commonly used because of its bitter taste. However, Robusta is often used to mix with Arabica to balance the flavor. Vietnam is the largest producer and exporter of Robusta in the world.

Top 3 leading wholesale coffee companies

In the world, there are many wholesale coffee companies, but when you search Google, these are the companies that people trust the most.

Java Bean Plus

Java Bean Plus is often at the top of Google whenever you search, especially when searching for wholesale keywords. This is a place that offers B2B coffee both in roasted and green beans.


K-Agriculture is a Vietnamese coffee company. Established right after the Vietnamese coffee industry started to flourish – in 1996, K-Agriculture is backed and sponsored by the government, so you can rest assured about their products.


Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: https://k-agriculture.com/

WhatsApp: +84855555837

Red Diamond Coffee & Tea – US

Red Diamond was born in 1906 in the US. Having spent more than a century, Red Diamond is an experienced person in the coffee production and export industry with large output, modern technology, and reasonable prices for many customers.

Top 3 leading wholesale coffee companies

Ways to find wholesale coffee companies

There are many of you who can buy coffee from wholesale coffee companies, from the Internet, from acquaintances, from relationships, from referrals, from e-commerce platforms,… However, you should find a place. Really trust to buy with confidence.

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